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5 Pro Tips for Virtual Presentations

I have seen many terrible cringe worthy presentations in the last few months. I have noticed when presentations are
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How to Set Goals and Finally Achieve Them

If you want to have a fantastic year, then it’s essential to take the time now to set goals
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How to Manage Stress

Politics, violence, murder, and natural disasters can create lots of tension and stress and worry. That is, my entrepreneur
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7 Managerial Missteps You Should Never, Ever Make

Here are seven daily practices that managers need to stop doing now. Ask yourself: Are you doing any of
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The 3 Pillars of Great Presentations

As a professional speaker and trainer I am often asked “How do I give a great presentation?” After doing
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5 Easy Morning Habits That Can Make Your Day More Productive

Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to be more motivated today? Happier? Then put some
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How to Change Your Thinking

There is a critical skill that you need to be successful as an entrepreneur. This skill is also one
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9 Techniques Any Leader Can Use to Show Employees Appreciation

As Margaret Cousins once said: “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it
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5 Life Lessons About Happiness I Learned from Growing Up in a Small Town

When I think about being raised in a small Southern town, I think there’s some valuable life lessons about
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7 Reasons Why You are Unhappy and What to Do About it Now

If you are reading this and you are unhappy, (or slightly unhappy) I hope this article helps you identify
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The 1 Simple Act that Can Transform Your Life

When I ask people one on one why they aren’t setting goals, they have the same answers all over the

5 Ways to Stop the Violence and Hate Now

The fire of violence is consuming us, and it seems to be a raging fire. The flames are being fanned

5 Skills that Bad Leaders Lack

I conduct leadership programs around the country and lately have had many discussions with people about what their leader’s lack,

We Forget What Matters: A Real-Life Lesson

The following story is real. It’s not a network TV movie of the week. It’s not a Nicolas Sparks novel.

6 Keys to Success: Making it the Best Year Ever

Why won’t this year be any different for many people? They have missed some of the basic and fundamental keys

Relight the Fire: How to Find Your Passion at Work Again

many people get up dreading work and the joy has just been sucked out of the job. The question is,

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