Shawn Doyle

“The ability to connect with another human being and to help them is the noblest calling and the greatest honor.”

– Shawn Doyle, CSP

The Shawn Doyle competency triad

Shawn realized that several critical factors needed to be in place for real learning to penetrate an individual’s past conditioning, mindset and challenges. He also discovered that people lacked sufficient competency in three critical areas of performance:
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Shawn on leadership

Regarding building leadership capability, Shawn believes that when people achieve a level of proficiency in these three critical areas, not only do they have the knowledge to perform, but they also experience an increase in confidence.

Every training, coaching or consulting led by Shawn and his team is grounded in boosting the confidence of the individual—whether the CEO or the frontline worker—and leveraging their strengths. This is what allows great people to shine: developing the leader within.

Products that produce results

Shawn Doyle Training products are designed to follow our proprietary “sticky” learning approach which focuses on a unique method of embedding learnings so that behaviors become second nature and part of an individual’s strengths.

For more information about Shawn Doyle’s background and his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®) accreditation: 

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