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Every single month, we field hundreds of emails and phone requests for executive coaching. Clients are very curious about executive coaching. They want to know what executive coaching is, how the process works, and – ​most critically – ​how it can help them, their organization, and their team maximize performance. They also are trying to decide on their criteria for the selection of the right executive coach. Look no further! This white paper will give you all the facts, information, nuts, and bolts you need to know to select and hire a credible, qualified, and skilled executive coach.


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One element of leadership is the often overlooked and underappreciated skill of communication. Many leaders that I meet think that they are great communicators. Many are. The reality is that some are not as gifted in communication as they think that they are.

In actuality, they may need a good deal of work. What is humorous is that in many organizations, when I talk to the managers and ask about their perceptions of their abilities as a communicator, they rank themselves as somewhere between great and good. The irony is that when I ask employees and team members about the level of communication within their organization, they often rank communication as being poor to fair.

In “The 10 Secrets of Effective Communication as a Leader,” Shawn Doyle, CSP, will share the 10 elements that help transform good leaders into great leaders. It comes down to how effective you are at communicating mission, vision, values, organizational goals, and more. With more than 30 years experience helping executives and managers communicate better, Shawn’s advice is on target and timely.

Business Training, Executive Coaching, Keynote Speaking

Having a Purpose for What You Do

One of the most powerful sources of motivation is to have a purpose for what you do. At this point, you are probably saying, “Okay, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that I have a purpose. I get up and go to work to make money. That is my purpose.”

Well, not so fast….

In “The 10 Keys to Motivation,” Shawn Doyle, CSP, will show you why this is the wrong way to think and a thought process conditioned by society. He believes this thought process often leads to lack of motivation. In fact, it has the potential to possibly make us miserable in our life. Going to work to make money is not a purpose; it is a reason to go to work. Shawn will give you 10 ways to help you find your true purpose.

7 Ways to Massively Increase Creativity & Innovation

Many people often ask me this question, “Where do you come up with all of these ideas?” My answer is usually something like, “They just come to me.” When people who aren’t creative or who want to be more creative hear me say that an “idea just comes to me,” they are often mystified and sometimes frustrated wishing they could say the same thing.

It often sounds to people as though the ideas fell out of the sky and into my lap. Here is the real truth- over my entire career as both as an employee of corporate America and as an entrepreneur, I have developed a set of tools and approaches that help me develop ideas and concepts quickly. I now pass that information on to you.

The Secret to Achieving Happiness

If you were going to sail on a big boat from New York to England, as the captain, would you take a GPS system with you? You are smart, so the answer would be yes. I would guess you would also take a backup navigation system, just in case the other one failed. You wouldn’t just get in the boat and go, would you? No, you wouldn’t! Nobody would. That would be crazy and reckless and might lead to some not-so-happy results.

But here’s what amazes me: most people I meet across the country do not do this for their life. They do not have a GPS for their life. They don’t have goals.

Do you?

Business Training, Executive Coaching, Keynote Speaking

Your ability to advance your message as well as career depends on your comfort level presenting ideas to an audience. Whether the audience is one person, such as in a conversation with a coworker or prospect, or your audience is over one thousand, your message is at risk of losing its potency if you’re not prepared.

This tool will help you self-assess your presentation comfort and skill level, and provide a guidepost for areas you may still want to improve. After completing the assessment, hang on to your results and re-assess after you’ve invested in improvements that polish your presentation capabilities.


JumpStart your Networking is an important book for small business entrepreneurs, corporate management, leaders in education, and for individuals at every stage of their career in any field. Highly recommended.”

Richard R. Blake

“They say people who stand out are the people who do whatever they do better than anyone else who does it. Shawn Doyle is a dynamic author who inspires and motivates people through his words. Having known Shawn since 2012, I would say that Shawn stands out!”

Michelle Colon-Johnson
2 Dream Productions

“We have produced several of Shawn’s books as audiobooks. I’ve always discovered new ideas and innovative thinking that can be applied to any business. Shawn’s material is an investment in learning that you can take to the bank. His straightforward, easy-to-follow writing style makes his collection of books worthy of any entrepreneur’s library as an excellent resource to refer back to year after year and share with colleagues.”

Rich Germaine


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