Shawn Doyle Training Administrative Programs

These innovative programs will improve communication skills, creativity, and analytical abilities. They will also increase confidence and offer tips, techniques, and tools to be better and more-effective and productive administrative team members.

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Shawn Doyle Training Customer Service Programs

These training programs will help customer service professionals develop a customer service mindset, learn superb communication skills, and know how to deal with conflict and resolve issues by being innovative and creative. The result is improved customer service and increased sales.

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Shawn Doyle Training Human Resources Programs

These highly interactive and thought-provoking programs will give HR professionals the skills and competencies they need to be successful in their role in the modern world. They will be able to navigate the ever-changing landscape in the workplace to drive a culture of excellence, while also increasing retention and employee morale.

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Shawn Doyle Training Manager and Supervisor Programs

These comprehensive, proven leadership development programs will equip new and experienced leaders with a specific set of skills and abilities they will need to drive morale, increase retention, and increase productivity.

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Shawn Doyle Training Marketing Programs

These programs will enhance customer focus, improve revenue impact, create a high-performing culture driven by operational excellence, and push the entire team to master new competencies and skills.

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Shawn Doyle Training Sales Programs

To be successful, sales professionals need to continually sharpen their skills and abilities. These proven and tested programs give sales staff the ammunition they need to find new business, increase sales, and drive revenue.

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Shawn Doyle Training & Development Programs

We have more than 30 years of experience in training and development – writing, designing, and facilitating training programs. In these programs, we give training and development professionals the skills they need to develop and deliver exceptional learning experiences.

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“Easy-to-understand professional training with great practices. Very engaging. Great training topics and materials. Most important, fun!”

“Shawn’s style of communicating with his audience is motivating and inspiring. His knowledge and the way he connects with everyone is captivating and enjoyable. Looking forward to reading his books and different work he is involved in.”

“This experience has been eye opening to say the least. It has made me critically think about myself and those around me. Regardless of your role or experience, there is always something more to learn and improve on. No one is too good for this.”

“Not only is it a great refresher for past skills, but also an incredible program for relating to other managers and our fellow employees and team members.”

“I would recommend the training to a friend because Shawn’s approach isn’t just to tell you what you should do, how you should act, or how to feel. He challenges your own thought process, and while he assists you through it, his program allows you to think internally and come up with solutions – whether in work or in your personal life. I would definitely recommend his training to a friend.”

“He makes his classes very interesting, and I love the fact that he connects it to real-life experiences that are very relatable.”

“This was an amazing program. It was never dull or boring. I was impressed with all my coworkers. It made me proud. The subject matter was super interesting and very practical to implement immediately. We are all better for it! Thank you!”

“I found this leadership class to be truly exceptional! For so many years, I thought I understood the definition of leadership, and I have learned so much. I have taken this call so seriously and have already started executing many of the tools/strategies from all the classes. I loved how interactive this class was. I loved meeting staff I’ve never been introduced to and thought it could help interdepartmental. Super appreciative to have been a part of this leadership class!”

“Shawn was incredibly engaging, caring, and knowledgeable. His commitment to making people better people is obvious in everything he does, and he has inspired myself and my staff to apply his teachings. Truly life changing.”

“The Shawn Doyle experience is amazing and can be applied not only to work life, but also to everyday life. It was really eye opening. Absolutely amazing! Thank you to everyone involved!”

“Shawn is a very personable, relatable, and honest speaker. He uses real-life experiences to capture the room. His passion for training and knowledge in his craft makes him a valuable tool to increase – or should I say ‘jumpstart’ – your leadership.”

“It’s a very resourceful eye opener for anyone work related and for a personal matter. He covered areas in leadership that I didn’t realize I needed to work on.”


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