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10 Ways to be the Husband Your Wife Always Wanted

I want you to become the husband that your wife always wanted (if you are a wife, then the
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How to be a Great CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

Why is it that so many organizations suffer from poor leadership and employees that lack motivation? I believe that
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8 Ways to Stay Motivated When the Chips are Down

Have you ever noticed that some people seem very resilient, and they just somehow bounce back? Those people, when
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How to Be the Architect of Your Own Life

The first part of becoming the architect of your own life is deciding that you can create your own
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Every Moment in Life is a Choice and it’s Yours to Make

Can you choose to not be angry? Can you really choose your response? Can you choose not to get
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How to Change the World

Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the world? Wouldn’t it be great if the world was better
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A Lesson I Learned from My Neighbor that Many Have Forgotten

Here is a question I thought about: When did we stop being kind to our neighbors? When did we
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9 Secrets of Happy People

Have you ever noticed that there are some people that just to be seem happy all the time? I
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10 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Soulmate When You’re on the Road

Part of my job often requires me to travel and be the away from my soulmate, my wife Rachael.
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5 Reasons Why You Still Haven’t Achieved Your Goals

If I blindfolded you and then dropped you off into town and some state you are not familiar with
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Increase Your Happiness by Managing Fear Now

There is a powerful, dark, and destructive unseen force holding people back every day: fear. It is and can be

True Leadership: Have a Mission and Vision Statement

One of the critical elements of successful leadership is having a mission and vision statement for the organization, the team,

Want to be Happy? Be Happy by Rounding Up Your Resources

Happiness is not going to run up to you on the street and say, “I have been looking for you,

The Joy List: How to Recapture Joy After Loss

Have you had a loss in your life? How do you overcome it and move forward? You may want to

7 Small Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Do you want to achieve your goals? Do you want to have the best year ever? Here are seven small

7 Ways to Close the Leadership Communication Gap

In organizations, there seems to be a remarkable gap between the leader’s perception of the effectiveness of their communication and

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