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We train professionals to be powerful meeting leaders, communicators and presenters


As a result, our clients attract, grow and retain people who are better equipped to help them achieve organizational success and market leadership

Shawn Doyle Training

Prepare people for a career, not job-hopping

There's a better way to prepare your workforce for real-world leadership

In our years of training and conducting assessments of thousands of people in a variety of industries, we have consistently found that most professionals have underdeveloped communicating, presenting and meeting skills.

Whether an experienced C-suite executive, middle manager or a front-line worker, most professionals need better training—more up-to-date training—in these three core areas.

We believe that every individual should have an opportunity to succeed in their career and not be held back by inadequate or non-existent training in some of the most fundamental areas that touch every aspect of business.


What new challenges does your workforce seek?

When two thirds of the American workforce is not engaged or actively disengaged,* learn how you can make your organization the place the best people want to work


*Gallup's State of the American Workplace report, 2017


Help your people grow

Get the right training in the three core competencies required for your workforce’s success

These may seem like simple topics, but they are fundamental to creating confident leaders in the workplace. Providing training and development that builds competency as well as confidence allows the workforce to better meet their challenges and enjoy a career they love.

How do you answer these questions about your workforce?

Core competency #1: Communicating


How well are your people performing when speaking to customers, coworkers and partners in person? How professional are your people in their written and digital communications? Are they consistently being a professional ambassador for your brand and your organization's culture?


Core Competency #2: Presenting

How effective are your people at presenting ideas to customers, coworkers or partners? Are their presentation skills representative of your organization's culture and brand? Do they have the confidence and presence to inspire, motivate and provoke audiences to action?


Core competency #3: Leading effective Meetings

Are your people dreading meetings? Are most meetings a time waster instead of a time saver? Do your people know how to properly prepare, manage and lead effective meetings? Can meetings become so powerful that people eagerly look forward to attending?

The capabilities strengthened in these core competencies will rapidly cascade and benefit all areas of your workplace.


These core competencies are just the beginning.

Help your workforce improve a variety of professional skills and create a culture that wins.

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Fearless Presenter 2-minute assessment

Take the Fearless Presenter 2-Minute Assessment

gauge your comfort level as a presenter with this easy self-graded assessment

No matter where you fall on the spectrum as a presenter—Confident Carl or Nervous Nelly—this assessment will show you what areas you excel as a presenter and what areas you may need to polish.

Download this free assessment and learn how to be a fearless presenter, Shawn Doyle style!

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