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At Shawn Doyle Training, we take a provocative approach to developing people: we uncover their Leader Within.


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The Leader Within Series

A powerful Training Method Developed by Shawn Doyle

Years in development, our newest training series gets to the core of where leadership lives: inside the hearts and minds of the individual. True leadership exists within each person, and our transformational approach addresses the barriers that keep people from being their best in work and life.

Once these barriers are broken through, we roll up our sleeves and help people discover their strengths and build strong capability in three fundamental areas for the successful execution of leadership:

  • Communicating clearly and professionally in person, on paper and digitally

  • Presenting new ideas and information in a more engaging manner that ignites action

  • Organizing and leading powerful, effective meetings that people look forward to

More effective delivery of training

We have refined the way we deliver our training so that it is sticky. The people we work with have better retention and can more reliably apply what they learn in real-world situations. The results demonstrate the power behind our sticky training delivery.

In the end, this delivery method combined with fundamental capability training creates faster results and a more engaged workforce which benefits the entire organization.

Product Sheets

Learn more about The Leader Within Series from Shawn Doyle Training. Download these PDFs on the following Leader Within training:

  • The Leader Within Jump Start

  • The Leader Within Core Training

  • The Leader Within Fortifier

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