The Fantastic Facilitator

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Program: The Fantastic Facilitator

Available Formats: one full day or two (2) webinars

Expected outcomes

Participants will achieve the following outcomes from this training:

  • Know the tools and tips and techniques for fantastic facilitation

  • Understand group dynamics from a facilitator’s point of view

  • Know the keys to meeting planning and preparation

  • Know tactics for dealing with difficult meeting participants

  • Know the secrets to expert meeting facilitation the pros use

Meetings should be great—they’re opportunities for a group of people sitting together around a table to directly communicate. That should be a good thing. And it is, but only if treated as a rare delicacy.
— Jason Fried

Program overview

The trend

Working with leaders around the world, we see organizations typically have three scenarios:

  1. Organizations that have good meetings but want them to be great meetings

  2. Organizations that need to rethink how they can be more effective in meetings

  3. Organizations that have poorly facilitated meetings and want to change that

The solution is to provide team members with the training, tools and techniques to help them have more productive, useful and effective meetings that people want to attend.

Program flow

What does it take to be a fantastic facilitator? We’ve all seen meetings that were well facilitated and that takes skills and knowledge. In this program Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and facilitator, Shawn Doyle, unpacks the tips, tools and techniques for becoming a fantastic facilitator that leads meetings everyone wants to attend because they’re profoundly impactful.

Training topics

  • The elements of proper meeting preparation

  • The difference between speaking, presenting and facilitating

  • The importance of audience analysis

  • How to handle eight different difficult types of attendees

  • The roles and responsibilities of the facilitator

  • Ten insider tips about meeting facilitation

  • Tools for effective facilitation

  • How to use agendas, timetables and action plans