Sales Pro! Prospecting

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Program: Sales Pro! Prospecting

Available Formats: one (1) Day or two (2) webinars

Expected outcomes

Participants will achieve the following outcomes from this training:

  • Know the core techniques for attracting clients and prospects

  • Have specific outbound techniques for finding and landing new clients

  • Be clear on their ideal client profile and how to be more successful using the profile

  • Understand the specifics of what you’re really selling

  • Have completed and debriefed prospecting assessment to determine prospecting understanding

  • Have completed and discussed a prospecting plan

Until you contact the customer, you haven’t done anything.
— Mark Hunter

Program overview

The trend

Working with leaders around the world, we see organizations typically have three scenarios:

  1. Sales people who have not had a lot of training on prospecting

  2. Sales people who have had training, but need refresher prospecting training

  3. Team members who aren’t technically in sales, but need to learn prospecting and selling skills

The solution is to provide sales professionals with the training, tools and techniques to help them become highly skilled in the art of prospecting.

Program flow

The lifeblood of any sales professional’s success is being able to prospect to find new clients for sales and new business. In this thought-provoking and interactive program, we give sales professionals a new look at prospecting by using creative approaches.

Training topics

  • Introduction

  • Prospecting self-assessment

  • Finding clients

  • Prospecting plan worksheet

  • Who is your ideal client?

  • Action plans

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