Leading and Managing Change in an Ever Changing World

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Program: Leading and Managing Change in an Ever Changing World

Available Formats: Half day or two (2) webinars

Expected outcomes

Participants will achieve the following outcomes from this training:

  • Understand how, as a leader, they feel about change and how change affects teams

  • Understand why team members resist change

  • Understand the societal myths about change and what to do about it

  • Understand the phases of the change cycle and how to lead people using that model

  • Know the value of a leader who acts as a change agent

  • Know how to coach people through change

  • Know how to identify their own style and their preferences in communication

Few things are more important during a change event than communication from leaders who can paint a clear and confidence-inspiring vision of the future.
— Sarah Clayton

Program overview

The trend

Working with clients around the world, we see organizations facing three scenarios:

  1. Leaders who struggle with change themselves

  2. Leaders who aren’t skilled at leading other people through change

  3. Organizations that don’t teach leaders to effectively navigate change

The solution is to provide leaders with the training, tools and techniques to help them become skilled at leading and managing change.      

Program flow

There is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges of leadership and management is helping people navigate through change in the work environment. Work and companies are constantly changing every week, every month, and every quarter. In this program, we teach leaders and managers the skills that they need in order to skillfully lead people through change.

Training topics

  • Introduction to the program

  • The change cycle

  • How do you feel about change?

  • Being a change agent

  • Dealing with change resistance

  • Coaching people through change

  • Six myths about change

  • Ten habits for healthy change