Leadership vs. Management


Program: Leadership vs. Management

Available Formats: Half day or one (1) webinar

Expected outcomes

Participants will achieve the following outcomes from this training:

  • Know the qualities of great leadership

  • Know the definitions of management and leadership 

  • Know how to be an effective leader instead of just managing

Managers light a fire under people; leaders light a fire in people.
— Kathy Austin

Program overview

The trend

Working with clients around the world, we see organizations facing three scenarios:

  1. People in a leadership role who only manage and never lead

  2. Organizations that measure management effectiveness and not leadership effectiveness

  3. Leaders who don’t know the real difference between management and leadership

The solution is to provide leaders with the training, tools and techniques to help them be true leaders and not just managers.      

Program flow

Many people have reported to people in a leadership position who were actually only managers, not true leaders. In this thought provoking program, we talk about the significant differences between mangers and leaders. The program teaches why so few leaders actually lead, and how to help leaders lead and thus transform the results their teams are able to achieve.

Training topics

  • The qualities of great leadership exercise  

  • The differences between managers and leaders 

  • Historical examples of great leaders 

  • Why leadership matters for organizations

  • The definition of a manager 

  • How to organize and focus your time on leadership activities.

  • Defining true  leadership 

  • Action plans for effective leadership