JumpStart Your Leadership II

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Program: JumpStart Your Leadership II

Available Formats: 6 full days*

*Programs can be adapted to client’s needs (can be monthly, bi-monthly, or once a week)

Expected outcomes

Participants will achieve be equipped with the following knowledge from this training:

  • As a leader, why is listening important

  • Listening styles

  • 6 models for effective coaching

  • Types of counseling

  • 6 key stumbling blocks of communication

  • How to define corporate culture

  • Advanced time management for leaders

  • 5 Models of strategic thinking

  • How to network

The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.
— John Maxwell

Program overview

The trend

With over 30 years of leadership development practice, we have found three key challenges facing today’s workplaces:

  1. Leaders who have never had any formal leadership yet are expected to lead

  2. Managers and supervisors with huge potential to become great leaders if only they had the right training to succeed and “win at work”

  3. Team members promoted to a leadership role without knowing how to lead

JumpStart Your Leadership II provides today’s leaders—whether seasoned or new—with the necessary training, tools and techniques to help to become an effective leader who gets results and reaches their goals.

Program flow

JumpStart Your Leadership II is a comprehensive leadership development program, based on a key concept: that real learning for leaders is not a singular event, but a process.

One day per month

Content is distributed over six days so that the leaders have a chance to learn it, live it, think and reflect on it, discuss it, deliberate and then APPLY it.


Course studies include behavioral style assessments, practical assignments, reading assignments of books and articles to read, as well as group conference calls with the facilitator for critical accountability updates.

Learning that sticks

Our program is designed to incorporate multiple learning modalities so learning comes from the student themselves, from their peers, classmates and of course the facilitator. Interactive learning includes role plays, panel discussions, case studies, healthy debate and critical thinking exercises to help improve learning and drive retention.

Training topics

  • Listening power for leaders

  • Creating and building a high-performance culture

  • Advanced coaching skills

  • Time management

  • Counseling for correction

  • Dysfunctional teams

  • Advanced communication skills

  • Strategic thinking

  • Networking skills

  • Reading assignments