JumpStart Your Creativity

Get the creativity flowing

Program: JumpStart Your Creativity

Available Formats: as a full day program or webinar

Expected outcomes

Participants will achieve the following outcomes from this training:

  • Better understanding of the definition of creativity and the purpose it serves in the world of business

  • Completed individual assessments to get a baseline of creativity awareness and abilities

  • An understanding of the evaluation tools and application in real business situations

  • Have a common language around creativity and the ideation process so each is a consistent practice in the organization

Program overview

JumpStart Your Creativity is based on Shawn Doyle’s best-selling book and helps participants learn to be more creative and innovative at work. This interactive and thought-provoking program provides participants specific tools for changing the way they think about creativity and empowers them to create better ideas and objectively evaluate those ideas based on how they will benefit the organization as a whole.

Program flow

You Already Are Creative

In the first segment of the program, we get people to understand, through scientific research and data, that they all are actually already creative. We also talk about the creativity mindset, and the factors that contribute to creativity in an organization.

Creativity Killers

In this module we talk about the different elements that lead to less creativity and less innovation in an organization. We cover how to lead and foster a creative environment, and how to go about promoting and encouraging creative dialogue. We provide a list to the participants of terms and phrases that are almost automatically creativity killers, which are phrases that people hear often when they are in meetings.

Ideation tools

In this part of the program, we provide the participants with a number of tested, proven and extremely useful ideation tools. These are simply tools that are used to generate newer and better ideas, and are obviously a little different than just the standard brainstorming tools that most people use. When we introduce each tool, we also give people a chance to practice using the tools by solving real problems, challenges or opportunities from their businesses. When people have a chance to practice and try the tools, that goes a long way towards demonstrating convincingly why the tool is valuable and how it works.

Creativity Assessment

Each person in the program completes a simple creativity assessment, which measures how much they know about creativity and how likely they are to be innovative and creative. After everyone has completed the assessment and scored it, we discuss how they can use the scores from the assessment to improve their level of creativity and innovation.

Evaluation Methods

The second main portion of our training involves each person’s ability to objectively evaluate ideas once they come up with them. Many people come up with creative ideas and concepts, but are unable to objectively evaluate them. We provide each participant with over a half dozen evaluation methods and tools in order to objectively evaluate ideas.

Action Plans

We wrap the session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.