Targeted Customer Service

Targeted Customer Service

Available Formats: Webinar, Half Day

Expected Outcomes

Participants will achieve the following outcomes from this training:

  • Know the four key elements of exceptional customer service
  • Be better prepared to handle conflict with tact, professionalism and skill
  • Improved communication skills when interacting with customers
  • Know how company and product knowledge impacts customer service
  • Know how to adopt and maintain a “customer service mindset”

Program Overview


Working with clients around the world, organizations generally face three scenarios:

  • They have good customer service, but want it to be great
  • They need to foster and develop a culture of customer service
  • They have poor customer service and need to change it

This program will provide team members the training, tools and techniques to help them deliver extraordinary customer service.

Program Flow

In this program, employees and supervisors from any level will learn how to deliver world-class customer experiences. This program is rich in interactive content and thought-provoking exercises to help employees to think differently about delivering exceptional customer service.

Targeted Customer Service is based on key concepts from Shawn Doyle’s best-selling book, Jumpstart Your Customer Service: 10 Jolts to Boost Your Customer Service, and helps team members learn to deliver excellent customer service every day.

Training Topics

  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Customer service assessment
  • Common causes of conflict and how to handle them
  • The science of transactional analysis
  • The importance of vocal tone, and using the right words
  • Using empathy
  • Company and product knowledge
  • Developing a customer service mindset
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