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How to Get and Stay More Creative Now

Where are the ideas? I just know they are there. They are available and abundant. So how can you
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How to Get and Stay Motivated

How can I get and stay motivated in times like these? First, here is the bad news: It is
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How to Survive and Thrive After Tragedy and Loss

About 10 years ago, on a night that is burned in my memory, my wife passed away suddenly at
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Here is the Most Amazing Gift You Can Give Anyone and it’s Free

What can we do about all the violence and negativity in the world? What can I do about it?
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Glass Half Full: 4 Keys to Being an Optimist

There are individuals in the world who say, “Well, of course, it is very negative world. You can’t just
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10 Ways to be the Husband Your Wife Always Wanted

I want you to become the husband that your wife always wanted (if you are a wife, then the
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How to be a Great CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

Why is it that so many organizations suffer from poor leadership and employees that lack motivation? I believe that
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8 Ways to Stay Motivated When the Chips are Down

Have you ever noticed that some people seem very resilient, and they just somehow bounce back? Those people, when
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How to Be the Architect of Your Own Life

The first part of becoming the architect of your own life is deciding that you can create your own
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Every Moment in Life is a Choice and it’s Yours to Make

Can you choose to not be angry? Can you really choose your response? Can you choose not to get
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The 1 Simple Act that Can Transform Your Life

When I ask people one on one why they aren’t setting goals, they have the same answers all over the

5 Ways to Stop the Violence and Hate Now

The fire of violence is consuming us, and it seems to be a raging fire. The flames are being fanned

5 Skills that Bad Leaders Lack

I conduct leadership programs around the country and lately have had many discussions with people about what their leader’s lack,

We Forget What Matters: A Real-Life Lesson

The following story is real. It’s not a network TV movie of the week. It’s not a Nicolas Sparks novel.

6 Keys to Success: Making it the Best Year Ever

Why won’t this year be any different for many people? They have missed some of the basic and fundamental keys

Relight the Fire: How to Find Your Passion at Work Again

many people get up dreading work and the joy has just been sucked out of the job. The question is,

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