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Category: Foundations of Motivation

How to Create a Motivational Environment as a Leader

It is up to the leader to positive work place. Here are some specific elements as a leader for
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What is My Purpose in Life?

Searching for and finding your purpose is hard work and is a process, not an overnight decision or a
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From Startup to Sensation In 6 Steps

As a consultant, I have spent lots of time helping clients shape and build their company cultures. The culture
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Your Biggest Hidden Asset as a Leader

Do you want to make sure that you’re ready for next year? Consider developing your single biggest and often
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What the BIG Bank Forgets (But Their Customers Never Will)

I was approached by my bank, who we’ll refer to as BIG Bank, ten months ago. Their pitch was,
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4 Takeaways from a Speaker’s Conference That Have Nothing to do With Speaking

Here are four key elements that, if built into the fabric of your culture, will create an organization that
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2 Things People Don’t Think About at Thanksgiving

In just a few weeks, millions of people will be sitting down to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. And, like my

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To Stay Creative, Stay Connected

As a professional speaker and book author, I often teach programs and coach executives on how to be more

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Can You Stay Forever Young?

I have a birthday coming up soon and I will be turning 57 years old. This is has led

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6 Secrets of Motivating Employees

What you don’t know can hurt your leadership I travel all over the country facilitating leadership programs for companies,

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In the age of TikTok and endless social media scrolling, our attention spans have taken a serious hit. With a

5 Ways To Master Body Language Techniques for Public Speaking

Studies have shown that nonverbal communication can account for up to 93% of the total impact of your presentation. Your

The Power of Storytelling: Crafting Compelling Narratives for Your Presentations

People love stories. This is true no matter who you are. From the time we are young children, we love

Five Tips to Help You Master Presentations and Public Speaking

Corporate and senior executive coaching not only can accelerate your career path, but also make the transition up the rungs

The Importance of Corporate and Senior Executive Coaching

Corporate and senior executive coaching not only can accelerate your career path, but also make the transition up the rungs

The Best Executive Leadership Development Training Programs

A guide to the best executive leadership development training programs, the business case for these programs, and what they include.

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