Episode 107: How to Have Charisma as a Speaker

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Show Transcript:

Shawn: Intro: Hi I am Shawn Doyle- and across from me is the lovely and talented Racheal Doyle. I am the CEO of Shawn Doyle Training, and Rachael is the COO. We train professionals how to win at work. Glad you could join us. In season one of Winning Edge at Work - we are going to be talking about Presentation skills. Today: How to Have Charisma as a speaker.

Shawn: Today we are delving into how to have that elusive quality… powerful charisma. It is a fascinating topic. As a presenter it is critically important. Let’s face it, is what people want who are watching presentations. (Tell VP story) Before we talk about it- let’s define it. Rachael as the darling of data, I know you looked up charisma… what is the actual definition of charisma?

Rachael: Turns out defining charisma is pretty easy… “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” Synonyms are: charm, presence, aura, personality, force of personality, strength of character, individuality…

Shawn: I think there are some keys words in that definition such as 1) Compelling attractiveness 2) Charm 3) Inspire- so many have asked me the question- how do we do that?

Rachael: So how do we do that Shawn… and can this be learned? Or Is it something people just possess naturally?

Shawn : I think the answer is both. Some people already have it- they are born with it.( tell drumming Facebook kid story ) but other people don’t have it, but the good news is you can also learn it. If that wasn’t true there would not be theater schools all over the world. So that is what we are going to talk about today. But first lets go to the Queen of Quotes for a quote about charisma!

Rachael: Here is a good quote about Charisma: "Charisma is the fancy name given to the knack of giving people your full attention." --Robert Brault- he is an American opera singer. So how do you develop charisma that some people find elusive? Too bad there isn’t something you could take and just “boom” you’d have it!

Shawn: That would be nice. So here are, in my mind- 6 ways to develop charisma.

Rachael: So what is the first one?

Shawn: The grand entrance. If you go to a concert or a show it always starts out with a (ta- da) THE Entrance. …(tell client hump day story ) They know how to start. Start with a bang and get their attention.

Rachael: Great ideas Shawn but I don’t think anyone listening to this podcast is going to have renting a camel in their budget. Not likely. What can they do?

Shawn: They could do some different things..

Rachael- This outta be good- now you have done this for 30 years. Give us some examples of ways you have started…( entrances )

Shawn: (example stories) Magic example, lectern example. So can you enter from the back, the side, center aisle, jump off the stage…

Rachael: O.K. so you have certainly gotten my attention- I would be hard pressed to think of this not getting people’s attention.

Shawn: Yes it sure does. So the idea is not to have your entrance be different for difference sake, but to get attention- and start with a bang. This is so much better than the typical “ hello my name is..”

Rachael: To reinforce that fact I’ll even add a quote…

Shawn: Wait.. you are adding a quote?

Rachael: Yes and here it is- “ the brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things.” – John Medina

Shawn: The guy from Loggins and Medina?

Rachael: No that is Loggins and Messina. Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina- they sang that song…

Shawn: Your mama don’t dance and your daddy don’t rock and roll! (starts to sing)

Rachael: No need to sing ..John Medina is who I was quoting- he a biologist who studies the brain and how it works. Let’s get this train back on the track.. what else can we do?

Shawn: Use your uniqueness.

Rachael: Shawn- Explain what you mean by that?

Shawn: What is it about you at the core that makes you different? Are you funny? (with caution) Can you sing? Can you draw cartoons? Are you a good story teller? Do you have incredible creativity? Can you connect? Are you a world traveler? A skydiver? If you are unique, it’s because you are different then everyone else in some way-and the way to do that is to use your unique talents. That is what makes a presenter interesting. Uniqueness does that.

Rachael: Whoa.. but let’s be honest- that takes take courage to show your talents in the front of the room like that. It is a BIG risk!

Shawn: Sure it is very risky – but guess what- no risk no reward. The risk you take in the other direction is being vanilla. No one remembers vanilla. We Now pause for The QUOTE of THE Day! Over to Quote central!

Rachael : Today’s quote of the day is about uniqueness. “My thing was always about individuality and about creating a world - because you don't just wear clothes, you live a life. You have style. You project who you are.” Who said that?

Shawn: Lady Gaga?

Rachael: No ! Ralph Lauren.. and you know how I feel about Ralph!

Shawn : Yes I think your Olympic size walk in closet should have a RL logo on it! But all joking aside…I like the last part of that quote “be who you are.” As a presenter if you do that, you will come off as authentic.

Rachael: As a unique, highly effective and creative presenter that teaches people how to communicate effectively- what else can do you recommend?

Shawn: I think it is important to figure out how to make the message matter to your specific audience. So if I am working on a presentation- I need to think about that.

Rachael: So give me an example.

Shawn: (Goal setting presentation for a sales group)

Rachael: That makes so much sense.

Shawn: So it not “I am an expert on motivation and goal setting- Shawn Doyle” Ok? I am saying we are talking about goals setting but here is what it will do FOR YOU. So ask yourself what the audience wants needs and cares about.

Rachael: If you gear your presentation directly to your audience’s needs, you will have their attention and they will want to listen.

Shawn: If we circle back to Charisma we mentioned earlier- “knack of giving people your full attention” as a presenter giving them your attention is paying attention to what they want, not what you want as a presenter.

Rachael: So we have talked about 1) Charisma, 2) Entrances 3) Uniqueness and 4) What matters to the audience. What is next?

Shawn: Engagement.

Rachael: How does one keep an audience engaged?

Shawn: Here are a few tips that can be really helpful: The first one is polling. This is asking the audience a question, or series of questions and asking for a show of hands. We are engaging their mind and bodies physically. It is being interactive but still in control. You can do this with any size group!

Rachael- Cool.. Tell us another one.

Shawn: That’s it that is all I have left… just kidding! You can ask a rhetorical questions (explain) or you can ask people to fill out a card with questions that you can answer at some point during your presentation.

Rachael: O.K. Two great examples- I like them.

Shawn: You can also use stories to engage the audience which we talked about in Episode 105 a little bit- but the idea is to use stories from real life to engage an audience.

Rachael: What is the theory behind why stories work?

Shawn: Because when you tell a story people can see themselves in the story. When a comedian say “so I was on a plane.” Everyone who has ever been on a plane can relate. Engage an audience by making it relatable. The trick to make sure it relates back to your presentation.

Racheal: O.K. I’ve got a great story telling quote…

Shawn: No- you can’t have a quote on story telling!

Rachael- Yes.… “Stories are our primary tools of learning and teaching, the repositories of our lore and legends. They bring order into our confusing world. Think about how many times a day you use stories to pass along data, insights, memories, or common-sense advice.” – Edward Miller

Shawn: That is a great quote- it really is how we learn.

Rachael: Well Mr. Professional Speaker… any last tips?

Shawn: It is just a matter of getting in the zone mentally- if you want to be powerful you need to think powerfully and act powerfully and walk powerfully. It all in your mindset. Zig Ziglar said it best- “If your thinking is stinking.. you need to get a checkup from the neck up.”

Racheal- That is a wrap for this show…thanks for joining us on Winning Edge @work.

Shawn: Remember as I always say “You are the architect of your own life!”

Rachael: Now go out there and make those choices- otherwise someone will make them for you. – Bye!

Rachael and Shawn

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