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Meet the hosts of the Winning Edge@Work show, Rachael and Shawn Doyle


The Doyles:
A Force for Good in the World—Starting with the Workplace


Rachael Doyle

As the COO of New Light Learning & Development, Inc., Rachael brings an effervescent sparkle to the Winning Edge@Work show. Her impassioned understanding of the human condition enables her to see multiple dimensions of people, what they yearn for and what they struggle with, so she can be a partner in helping them achieve their lifelong goals.

Rachael was born into a family with multiple generations of successful entrepreneurs, which inspired her to build her own highly successful photography studio. Her passion and love of design led her to join Knoll, Inc., the creator of inspired modern interiors including furniture, architectural and acoustical elements, textiles, leathers and accessories for over 20 years. Throughout her career, Rachael has always been a champion of customer experience, and brings that perspective to the work she does at New Light Learning & Development.

Although a self-proclaimed “shy person,” Rachael is thrilled to be part of the new Winning Edge@Work show with her husband, Shawn, and is also putting the final touches on her third book.

Every person deserves compassion and understanding, even in business exchanges. I always consider their ultimate goal and try to make their day.
— Rachael Doyle
Rachael Doyle

Rachael Doyle

Shawn Doyle

Shawn Doyle


Shawn Doyle

CEO of New Light Learning & Development, Inc., Shawn Doyle is the quintessential big-hearted giver of inspirational keynotes, empowering training workshops and coaching for executives looking to break new barriers.

His extensive background in training and development and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation have positioned Shawn to fulfill on a lifelong vision to be a guide to those aspiring for greater professional success.

Author of nearly two dozen books, Shawn travels the globe working closely with executives, managers, teams and other professionals to help them achieve greater capability in the workplace. Shawn’s inspiring, hands-on and practical approach has led hundreds if not thousands to experience more satisfaction and fulfillment from their careers.

There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing that ‘aha’ moment when someone has a breakthrough in understanding. All of a sudden, the world is possible.
— Shawn Doyle
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