The Ten Foundations of Leadership


Program: The Ten Foundations of Leadership

Available Formats: 1 Day or 2 webinars

Expected outcomes

Participants will achieve the following outcomes from this training:

  • Understand how to convey and use mission and vision statements to effectively lead

  • Know the importance of having a short-, mid- and long-term plan

  • Have more skills to effectively interview and hire new team members

  • Be able to better motivate, develop and reward employees for performance

  • Have an understanding of how stories impact a leader’s ability to inspire and motivate

Leadership is service to others.
— Denise Morrison

Program overview

The trend

Through 30+ years of leadership development, this is what we found to be the top three challenges for today’s leaders:

  1. Leaders with no formal leadership training, yet are expected to lead

  2. Managers and supervisors who have potential to become great leaders lack access to the training that will help them “win at work”

  3. Team members are promoted to a leadership role without adequate leadership training catered to the organization’s culture and environment

This training will provide leaders with the tools and techniques to help them become skilled at being a more impactful, effective leader.

Program flow

In this program, leaders, managers and supervisors will learn the 10 key foundational skills needed to be an effective leader or manager in today’s busy work world.

Training topics

  • Foundation One: Have a mission and vision statement

  • Foundation Two: Have a short, mid and long term plan

  • Foundation Three: Hire people smarter than you

  • Foundation Four: Communication is the key

  • Foundation Five: Create a motivational environment

  • Foundation Six: Reward Exceptional Performance

  • Foundation Seven: Hold people accountable

  • Foundation Eight: Commit to the development of your team

  • Foundation Nine: Tell the story

  • Foundation Ten: Be honest and authentic